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Why book The Rock Junkies Band?

For all your entertainment, music and party needs look no further!

Yes, the Rock Junkies is a cover band. However, they are not your typical wedding band or local club band! The Rock Junkies can play bars, festivals, fairs, weddings and corporate parties. No venue is too small or too big for these guys.

The Rock Junkies is a 5 member band of enthusiastic young professional musicians with NO ego or diva attitudes. Yes, they can play all the party favorites plus so many others but what makes them so original and great is there mash up of songs or more than original medleys of top 40 songs.

When you book the Rock Junkies you get more than a cover band you get entertainment and interaction with the audience! Members of the Rock Junkies have the experience of performing at many different venues where being entertaining and talented is the criteria. When people hire the Rock Junkies, they can't believe the fun and quality time they had at their event for far more reasonable amount of money than the other bands. Customers & Venues

The Rock Junkies still enjoy what they do and it shows

They cater their song list to appeal all age groups from Baby Boomers to Generation Next. They will keep everyone dancing, singing and having a great time! NO don’t let the name fool you this is NOT a metal rock or Punk band but a great party cover band. These guys are good time Junkies for sure!

An important factor in every event is volume. So many bands and DJ’s are simply too loud. The RJ’s are committed to keeping the volume at an enjoyable level for all. They guarantee that their volume will be just right.

The Rock Junkies are committed to providing the highest level of service possible. They bring enthusiasm, energy and FUN to each and every performance.

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A bit of info

The Rock Junkies can provide a minimum of lighting for stage and dance floor. A minimum of two individual/ independent outlets to power everything are required.

The band can usually somehow fit onto any staging area however 10 by 10 seems to be the most common. We also feature an integrated DJ system to entertain during band breaks or available as background music during diner or cocktail hours.

Access to a microphone for announcements etc… is made available.
A DJ service alone can cost you up to 600$ you get this included with the band.

Additional Booking Notes

Typical Gig: 60 - 240 minutes

Fee: $tbd
(Negotiated depending on venue, location, needs and other factors)
Languages: English (French also available on request)

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